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Q:  When did you first realize that you had psychic abilities?
A:  When I was just a toddler, I often knew when the telephone was going to ring ... and also knew who it was that was calling.  When I was about 10 years old, I began giving impromptu readings for family and friends.

Q:  What abilities do you have?
A:  I am a precognitive, clairprescient psychic, which means that I am able to forecast future events with substantial accuracy by tuning into messages that I receive from my spiritual partners in the Higher Realms.  I have also been blessed with the gift of communicating with the spirits of those who have departed life, as we know it, here in the living world.

I have a degree in Counseling / Psychology and I am very well-versed in a variety of spiritual and metaphysical subjects.  In 2002, under the tutelage of Patti Starr, I became a "certified ghost hunter" and, since that time, I have participated in  many paranormal investigations. 

Q:  Do you offer different types of readings?
A:  Yes, I do.  I offer psychic readings during which I discuss the past, present and future of the person I am reading for.  I also do mediumship or spirit contacts which involves making a connection and communicating with the spirits of those who have crossed over.

Q:  Have you always been able to communicate with spirits of those who have crossed over?
A:  No, I was a bit of a "late bloomer" with regard to that ability.  I have always been able to sense when there are spirit energies around me.  In 1986, my father visited me on the day of his funeral, asking me to promise that I'd always take care of my mother.  Then, in 2001, I began receiving messages from the deceased brother of one of my co-workers.  I consider that to be my first experience at true interdimensional communication.

Q:  What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?
A;  All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.  Psychics have what I refer to as extrasensory perception, the ability to perceive information that is not known by using the five human senses.  Mediums have this ability as well, but they are also able to bridge the communication gap between the world of the living and the realm of the dead.

Q:  Do you use any divination tools, like cards, runes, a crystal ball, etc. when you do readings?
A:  No, I do not. I am very skilled at reading tarot cards; I began doing so when I was a teenager, but I do not use any "tools" when conducting readings.

Q:  How do you receive information during your readings?
A:  That's hard to explain.  It's like the information completely bypasses my five human senses and is imprinted in my brain.  I often "see" images or short "videos" and I "hear" the messages, although not as if the words are actually being "spoken" to me.

Q:  Do you actually see spirits?
A:  Unlike the boy from the movie, The Sixth Sense, I do not regularly see dead people ... although I have done so in the past.  I feel and sense the energy of the spirits around me.

Q:  Are your crossing over readings spooky or scary?
A:  Not at all!  In fact, most of my clients feel a great sense of calm and peace during their readings.  Many clients have told me that they feel like they are actually talking with their loved ones who have passed away.  Spirits will often deliver messages that are very simple, yet incredibly personal and meaningful, to their loved ones who are having the reading.

Q:  Are the messages received ever cryptic or unclear?
A:  The connection I am able to make with the spirit world is strong, but there are times when certain messages cannot be readily understood or validated.  When this occurs, I ask clients to remember the message for future validation.  Almost always, these "cryptic" messages later become crystal clear when the person who has had a reading with me discusses the reading with family and friends.

Here's an example: a woman came to me, hoping to communicate with her deceased grandmother.  During the reading, a spirit named Ralph "dropped in" to say "hello."  The woman had no idea who this spirit was, so Ralph gave more information: he talked about a house fire and a funny story that had to do with underground water or wells.

The woman called me a few days after her reading and told me that, when talking about the reading with her father, he immediately understood the messages: Ralph was her father's uncle, his home had burned down many years earlier and he had taught my client's father to locate underground water or wells with a "witching wand" (divining rod) when he was a boy!

By the way, this same client was hoping her grandmother could help to locate a missing ring that had been a gift from the old woman to her granddaughter.  The grandmother told me that her daughter, my client's mother, had the ring and it would be found in a place that had already been searched.  Two weeks later, my client called to say the ring had turned up, at her mother's house, in a place where they had looked for it many times before!

Q:  Do you believe in God?
A:  Absolutely!  I am a firm believer in God, which is what I choose to call the Supreme Being, but feel free to choose your own name.  I was raised in the Catholic faith, which is filled with miracles, mysticism and manifestations.  I have incorporated my spiritual beliefs with my Catholic upbringing, which has given me a very personal and profound relationship with God.  I never attempt to "force" my beliefs on others ... it's simply not my "job" to convince or convert!

Q:  How can I schedule a reading with you and what are the costs?
A:  I can be reached by telephone at (470) 413-7009.  If you reach my voice mail, please leave a message and  we will return your call within 48 hours. Calls received on weekends will be returned the following business week.

All readings are conducted by telephone. Phone readings are equally as accurate as in-person readings. 

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